Should 1st Period Have a Tardy Sweep?


In my opinion, tardy sweeps for first period are unnecessary because of the different reasons students could be late.

First, we have waking up late. Sometimes students are up late studying or finishing homework so they sleep in the next day. Some students have practice till later in the day and don’t have that much time to finish their homework or study. Second, we have traffic. Sometimes there is traffic and you just can’t control it. Third, we have no ride. Some kids aren’t able to get a ride because their parents are either working or just not home. Some kids never have a ride to school so they have to walk or ride a bike to school, making them late. Fourth, we have missed the bus. Some students have to walk far to the bus stops or the bus comes earlier than normal leaving them behind without a ride. This is why I think tardy sweeps should be from 1st period to 6th period.