Senior ROTC Interview


Recently I interviewed a senior cadet in ROTC, Cadet Nazarowski. His full name is Nicholas Nazarwoski and he is a senior master sergeant here at Elsinore High School in our school’s ROTC program. When asked what inspired him to be in ROTC he responded that he first saw ROTC in 7th grade when they were recruiting, and saw it to be an amazing program so he wanted to give it a try. That same year he went to the freshman camp, a year before he was a freshman himself. After attending the camp he set his eyes on ROTC at EHS and again attended the freshman camp a second time. He stated that he really enjoyed himself and looked up to the upperclassmen and he enjoyed how it all felt like a big family and he wanted to be a part of that.

After answering that question I asked him if he planned on seeking a career in the military after high school or if he was in ROTC for the experience. He responded with saying that he at first was seeking a career in the marines, but in the past couple of years has now decided to attend college so he can teach English in Japan, so he is in ROTC for the experience.

I asked him if he would recommend ROTC to middle schoolers and he said that he would recommend it because it’s a great place to make new friends and to develop your potential as a person. He also said he himself has noticed a change in himself, not being the same person he was 4 years ago and he wants the middle schoolers to know not to lose sight of themselves and to know who they are.

For the final question I asked him what advice he would want to give to lower classmen in ROTC and he wants everyone to know that they should do their best, do everything and appreciate everyone. He wants everyone to know that they shouldn’t be afraid to make their voices heard, and that they should remember they can make a difference. That was the end of the interview and I want to thank cadet Nazarowski again for taking the time to let me interview him.