90’s Fashion Trend Comeback


Image found on focus.com

The 1990’s was an era of bright and spunky trends that stole the hearts of kids, teens, and adults. Unfortunately, the bold decade has long passed us. Luckily for those 90’s kids at heart, fashion in 2019 has brought several iconic fashion trends of the decade back into style.

Thanks to current fashion-orientated celebrities and superstars, including Ariana Grande, the world of 2019 styles took a blast from the past and helped make a huge comeback for adorable scrunchies, colorful hair clips and pins, stylish overalls, spaghetti strap tanks over T-shirts, chokers, dark-colored lipstick, cute up-do hairstyles, neon colors, unique prints and materials, plaid skirts, knee socks, bright sneakers, jean jackets, and even track pants.