Barcelona vs Valladolid

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The game finished 5-1 Barca. We expected this result especially since Valverde played our best players. The first goal was a good goal from Lenglet, our defender. The ball went up in the air and the Valladolid defender thought it was clear then it fell to Lenglet and he went for power and got it. It was a great finish from him. That put us 1-o up in just 2 minutes. Valladolid’s goal came soon in the 15th minute and it was a mistake from Ter Stegan. It was a cross which he came out for and hit it straight on a Valladolid player and went in. After Messi made the difference for us. He got the ball and chipped it to Vidal and he finished it. Later Messi had a free kick that wasn’t that close. He still put it in the top corner. Messi got another goal later as Racitic passed to him kinda hard and Messi still controlled it and flicked it up and finished it. He set up Suarez later and that made it 5-1. It always seems when we play a low la liga team he’s a part of 3-5 goals. This game was just the Messi show, you can tell he was just having fun. We still need to improve especially in defense. We’re conceding too many goals and when we play the top teams in Europe and we’re still like this, they’re going to score way more. This game was just a good game to watch. Whenever Messi plays like that, its just fun to watch. Also Alba came back from injury this game and started and he requested to be substituted in the game as he felt the pain again. He could be out again but we don’t know, Barca didn’t say anything.