California Fires

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An outbreak of wildfires have spread all through the state and have caused horrible damage to the people living within the area. Firefighters from all over California are working nonstop to stop the flames and help save the millions of people and homes that have been affected by the fire. The biggest fire from this uproar of flames is the Kincade Fire, which has burned parts of Sonoma Country since last week. But ever since then many more fires have began to ignite, meaning that there are more than ten wildfires burning in California, with the most recent ones being the Easy fire in Ventura county that has already consumed 1,491 acres of land and is only five percent contained. The other most recent one is the Hill fire in Riverside County which has only consumed 300 acres and is fifteen percent contained; both of these fires started on October 30th. With the sudden occurrence of the fires many people are left homeless because of the need to evacuate, as well as loss of land and animals.