At What Age Should We Be Allowed to Have a Tattoo Without Permission?

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The legal age to receive a tattoo is at the age of 18, but what if we want our tattoo at a bit younger age? It’s reasonable that wanting a tattoo at the age 16-17 is common but you have to wait until you’re 18, a very long time. I think that the legal age of being able to have a tattoo without parents’ consent should be at the age of 17 because at that time most teen will have matured enough to know what they want as a tattoo and that it’s a lifetime thing. And yes, I know that most 17-year-olds will be in high school but they can have the tattoo either in an inconspicuous place not open to the eye or if they want it on the arm they could have it approved by the school as inappropriate or they can wear a sleeve over it. Statistics show that at least 38% of teens have gotten a tattoo without telling their parents before the age of 18. So in my opinion teens should be allowed to legally have a tattoo at the age of 17.