Noonlight, an app released in 2013 which was formerly known as SafeTrek, is a mobile app that can send requests to emergency services. If you ever feel unsafe, Noonlight allows you to hold a button until you have reached a safe destination. Once you let go of the button, Noonlight allows you 10 seconds to put a pin and that decides whether they send your location to emergency services or not. If you do not put a pin, Noonlight will automatically inform the police. If you accidentally press the button, a worker sends you a message or calls you to ask if you are OK before sending your location. There is also a feature included in which you can add any family member/ friend to your “network” and if they can not reach you and they are worried,  they can send a check-in request. If you do not respond, Noonlight will help them trace your steps to see if you are OK. That way if you are unable to press the button, someone from your network can help get your latest location. This app is recommended for all ages since anyone can be put in danger.