Women’s Empowerment Throughout History


Though the controversial debate on women’s empowerment does need to be improved, life for women in the modern day is a lot more progressive compared to stereotypes and gender roles from over 100 years ago.

During the 1920’s through the 1970’s, women in society were forced to play the roles of the simple, yet wholesome American housewives. Most households in the U.S. consisted of a man who worked to support his family and a woman who tended the house and cared for the kids. Especially in terms of fashion, women mainly wore feminine skirts, dresses, and pops of color that gave off a “girlish” appearance. Women in charge outside of the kitchen, garden or laundry room was not a real possibility during that period.

However, the 1980’s was a bold, revolutionary decade of positive changes and growth for society as a whole. Women conquering the courtroom, corporate office, or the medical field was a lot more acceptable for the public. Though, like nowadays, women empowerment hasn’t been completely approved by everyone in America, the mass majority of citizens are in favor of the possibilities and outcome for women. We have the spirit of America’s progressive eye to thank for this fantastic turn of events.