Stop Saying Their Names

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Shootings. They are happening more and more often now than ever before. When a tragedy occurs, the news tends to talk about the shooters and who they are, what they suffer from (if applicable), what their race is, and how old they are. Although the victims get recognition, it does not compare to all the news articles written about the one who caused everything. And that is wrong. The name of the shooter or even a picture should not be passed on through the media. Most shooters want attention and their name getting displayed online just benefits them. Society should not remember who those people were but instead remember all the beautiful souls lost. Not showing anything about the shooter can limit shootings as well. Like stated above, most of those people want attention (whether it is good or bad) and if they see that shooters are not getting talked about on TV or on the internet, they will think it is useless and possibly not start anything. Instead, we should remember the names of those like Dominic Blackwell and Gracie Anne Muehlberger who lost their lives in the Saugus High School shooting. Stop giving attention to those who do not matter and continue saying the names of those who were injured or passed away.