Ranking the New NBA City Jerseys

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. Dallas Mavericks- Their jersey doesn’t make any sense and is ugly. GRADE F

. Chicago Bulls- Their jersey is better than the Mavericks but doesn’t make sense with the baby blue. GRADE D-

. Golden Sate Warriors- Their jerseys are an all black with a little blue on the collar and sides. GRADE D

. Detroit Pistons- Their Jersey looks more like a soccer jersey than anything else. GRADE D+

. Charlotte Hornets- Their “city” jersey looks like their regular jerseys. GRADE C-

. Atlanta Hawks- They’re going with a PeachTree jersey for Atlanta rappers. GRADE C+

. LA Clippers- Nothing special, looks like the Lakers Christmas jersey. GRADE C+

. Boston Celtics- Medieval theme. GRADE B-

. Houston Rockets- They have the NASA font for their lettering. GRADE B

. Los Angeles Lakers- Inspired by Shaq, look great. GRADE B+

. Indiana Pacers- Two-tone jersey with a white front with blue checkers on the left side. GRADE A-

. Cleveland Cavaliers- Navy blue with red and yellow and a big CLE on the front. GRADE A

. Denver Nuggets- You can never go wrong with old school and that’s exactly what they did. GRADE A+

(These are all MY opinion and any of these can have different grades)