Disney Conspiracy Theories

January 30, 2020

Conspiracies are ideas that could or could not be true, it’s just what certain people believe and they try to back it up. The first conspiracy we are going to be taking about is if all Disney movies are in the same universe. This is said by Jon Negroni who believes that 14 Pixar movies are in the same universe and that this has to do with connection between animals, humans, and the environment. A conspiracy by ┬áJordan Hoffman about Toy Story 3 said that this movie has parallels to the Holocaust. The toys in this movie are mistaken for trash and taken to Sunny Side Up which represents the Jews getting sent to concentration camps. Lastly, the scene when the toys are about to get burnt represents how Jews would die until the aliens saved them. They represent the Allies who saved people from the Nazis. These are 2 main conspiracies that you might find interesting but remember it’s just a theory.

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