Do Looks Really Matter?

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When you start to like someone you always get those butterflies in your stomach and you look forward to seeing them everyday, but do you like them for their personality or just based off their looks? It may sound shameful when you say that you like someone just based off their looks and personality. We all have crushes but you should think about, do you like them for them or do you like them for how they look? Liking a person is more than just their looks or what they have or don’t have; it’s how they treat you and they care for you and same for you caring about them and treating them the right way. When you like someone you like them for who they are because if you only like them for how they look, you won’t really be happy; you’ll spend your time with them a lot but once you get to know someone your view of them can change. If you’re with someone based off their looks and what they can give you, you won’t be as happy as you would have been if you had gone with someone you actually got to know, rather than someone you met only a month ago. Don’t date someone you don’t completely know just because they are good looking or because they have money and can buy you expensive gifts, be with someone that can make you laugh and smile in a genuine way, not with just expensive gifts and the stuff they give you.