D’Angelo Russell is a TimberWolf


D’Angelo Russell (former Golden State Warriors Point Guard) has been traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Andrew Wiggins, a 1st round pick and a second round pick. This was the best trade at the end of the Trade Deadline giving Minnesota a chance to try and make the playoffs. This duo of Dlo and KAT (Karl-Anthony Towns) is personally now my favorite and should be one of the best for years to come. In a edition of SLAM magazine, D’Angelo Russell, Devin Booker and Karl-Anthony Towns talked about a chance where they would all play together. As of now they are 2/3 of the way there and maybe could make that happen soon. If the TimberWolves decided to test Free Agency for Devin they would have to wait 5 years because of the $158 million he signed this year. This Duo should be one of the best for years to come and hopefully can get the final piece for the trio to be together.