Athletic Club vs. Barcelona Review

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The game ended 1-0 with the away team, Barca, losing. The goal came from a last minute own goal, from Sergio Buesquets. Barca dominated the game though, with 69 percent possession and more shots on target. We played better than they did but we couldn’t get our shots in. They weren’t shots from outside the box either, most of them were in the box. We kept making them chase for the ball as well. Most of our players played well for the most part, though some players didn’t play that well.

First of all our goalie, Ter Stegen. He played many simple passes to the other team which gave them chances. This was surprising because he’s considered the best goalie with his feet in the world, he did this a few times as well. Next was Jordi Alba, he just couldn’t pass right when we were attacking. He always just hit it straight at the defenders; defensively though, he played alright. For Ivan Racitic, our central midfielder, nothing really went well for him, all the passes and dribbles he attempted he messed up and lost the ball. Other than that everyone played well. Hopefully these players can improve next time. We didn’t have that many players for this game either, first team players. Our second right back was playing forward. Messi and Griezmann had good chances in the second half. They were our best chances. Messi’s was a through ball from Arther, our midfielder, and Messi tried to place it but the goalie made a good save. Greizmann’s was a pass from Semedo, our right back. He shot it kind of at the goalie but it was still a good save because the goalie dived before he shot. We were trying hard to get our goal in the last minutes, but we lost the ball and they crossed it into our box and Sergio tried to just win it in the air and he put it in our own net. It was pretty much over after that. We had one more chance but we couldn’t do it. It was a good game but we just need to work on our shooting.