E1News is Back!


E1News Co-Anchors, Kate Walker and Zach Gandera

E1News is back and better than ever! Video production at Elsinore High School is very excited to see where E1News will be heading in the near future. Our awesome staff at Studio 1891 works very hard for each segment within each episode to keep students and teachers informed, as well as entertained.

“Campus Beat” Reporter, Collin Anderson

Our mission for E1News is to make the students’ morning a little brighter by appearing every month during second period. Please make sure to inform your second period teacher to keep an eye out for an email consisting of a reminder to show the most recent episode for that month and a specific air date. (Days for airing the episodes will vary each month).

Elsinore High ASB Segment, edited by Tyler Reber
“Campus Beat” Interview with Elsinore High student