Stop Moving to So-Cal… It’s Full


Crowds at Huntington Beach

For those who live in Southern California, the majority of its citizens would say life is a dream. This state has it all–the beach, the tourist attractions, the shopping, and the dozens of celebrities known nationwide. Sure, Southern California is popular and apparently “has it all,” but I’d say that So-Cal is getting a little too packed to enjoy the luxuries the area has to offer.

Though California is one of the largest states in the country, that doesn’t mean that it has an infinite capacity. The So-Cal area is already known to be on the dryer side, so why add a large amount of out-of-state movers to the mix? Hot and crowded isn’t a very pleasant combination.

Personally, I have met a ton of people from other states who drool over the fact that I live in Southern California. I am always bombarded by the same questions. This includes, “How many times do you go to the beach per week?” “Do you know how to surf?” “Have you ever met any Hollywood celebrities?” “What are the best places to party in L.A.?” “Are you considered a ‘health nut’ or a ‘social media guru’?” “What do you think of the nice, warm weather? Is it as nice as everyone says it is?”

If I am being honest, from the perspective of a California native who has lived in So-Cal all her life, everything this state has to offer is nice and all, but it gets old. I know many people who have only lived in California and have no intention of leaving. I suppose I am one of the few natives who wants to escape this crowded, overrated pool of glitz, fame, and of course, heat waves. The look of palm trees and cacti just don’t seem as appealing as they did ten years ago.

In addition to my current argument, I see the same characters move into California everyday. There is always that one character that originally comes from humble beginnings and grew up in a small town. This character moves to California with big dreams of making it big in the industry. Whether this long shot of a dream is blasting into stardom through music and film or building up to a chain of businesses that dominates the competition of corporations, I see this character way to often to the point where I see their ambitions as a little passé.

The worst part about this common character is the fact that they usually think that their background and goals once moving to California are unique and special that will win over the hearts of agencies and sponsors. Unfortunately, this character has been seen too often and, at least in the minds of most agencies, this character is only another wannabe star with an acoustic guitar and a vague dream.

Unlike the many movers I see on the daily, I suppose I have the opposite intentions. My goal is to move out of state once graduating high school and experience college in a smaller, more inclusive setting. I want to see more spruce trees and fewer palm trees and I want to see more snow than sand. And most importantly, I will be looking forward to the smaller population of my new college town. It will be satisfying, as well as humbling to experience what life could be like in a quieter, smaller environment. Perhaps after my move from Southern California will be complete, another rush of celebrity wannabes will eagerly take my place.