Goth Babe


Goth Babe, an alternative indie artist originally from Tennessee, is the epitome of what an indie musician is and how an indie musician lives. Unlike your traditional pop or rock star, Goth Babe  prefers not to shower himself with riches, wealth and the media following his every move. His lifestyle mainly consists of minimalistic values and simplicity. In fact, he currently lives in a tiny house in the mountains of Washington, occupied by his loyal dog, Sadie. If Goth Babe is not on the road touring, he’s out exploring, hiking, surfing, and mountain climbing in the Northwestern Pacific.

The stage name “Goth Babe” is what Griff Washburn would define as his much-preferred alter ego when making music. In his Spotify bio, Washburn mentions, “‘Goth Babe’ is Griff Washburn enjoying himself.” “Goth Babe” is not just a stage name. But it has a deeper meaning to Washburn. “Goth Babe” is a human being who lives life dangerously, yet simple. “Goth Babe” is someone who wants to discover what nature and the world has to offer and is willing to take chances in a spontaneous fashion. “Goth Babe” is an artist who does not put boundaries around his music, lifestyle, nor morals and values. This can be seen in the lyrics of his hit singles including, “Imaginationcy,” “Car Camping,” “Swami’s,” “Eel Mountain,” “Her Vacation,” “Weekend Friend,” and “Topanga.”

That deeper meaning to the stage name “Goth Babe” is also what defines Indie music as a whole. The
Indie music genre, from a metaphorical standpoint, is a lot like the concept of the Island of the Misfit Toys. The island is a place for toys who do not belong or fit into a generic category. However, instead of toys, this unique music genre houses songs that do not fit into a boring, cookie cutter genre such as pop or rock. Indie artists have the freedom to write about whatever they feel or what they believe in. The Indie music community embraces all forms of musical creativity and celebrates the idea of sharing music boldly without any restrictions holding their creative and wild souls back. And Indie music attracts the most open minded and eccentric audience of listeners and supporters.