Barcelona vs Real Madrid Review

Real Madrid and Barca played and it ended 2-0 Madrid. The first goal was a huge deflection from our defender Pique. The second goal was even worse. Their forward slipped and barely hit the ball and it slipped through our goalie. In the first half Barca were dominating, because their goalie made some great saves. In the second half, Madrid dominated but they didn’t really get great chances. They were all just long shots. We were unlucky this game, and we probably deserved it more with our chances but we couldn’t take them. The thing that shocked everybody was Messi. Usually when Messi’s out of form he will still play well, but he played badly. He lost the ball a lot and when he got chances in the box he shot them straight at the goalie and you don’t expect that from him. He has supposedly been carrying an injury and he has been playing through the pain. It makes sense because everyone is injured right now for Barca. No one really stood except the goalies. It was unlucky for Barcelona and we just gotta improve. Recently we’ve had trouble with our shots. We miss most of the chances we get. We should rest Messi for the next game because we need him 100 percent for champions league.