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Currently in the 12th grade of senior year during the year of 2018 and graduating in the class of 2019, Elohim Senoran is an everyday normal high schooler who happens to be an extrovert. He lives in the twenty-second-day of the lion of the twelve zodiacs of astrology. And the year of the snake of the Chinese zodiac at the start of the 21st century.  

As a kid in his teens he enjoys some hobbies and activities not that common amongst other teens his age. One to make note of is his greatest passion for fighting or any involvement with martial arts. He has had that passion for years now and is pursuing his passion as a side job or a hobby besides his future occupation into the military or law enforcement. This is a plan set for a year or 2 from now; for right now he needs to have his last year of school settled and actually make room and opportunity for law enforcement and fighting. 

Elohim Senoran, staff writer

The Student News Site of Elsinore High School