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  • PIE day!

    PIE day!

    Raelene Santibanez, staff writer

    March 14, 2018

    Today, March 14th, a lot has taken place around the world. Starting with the National Walkout day, which is when students all around the country are walking out of their classrooms and giving 17 minutes of silence to the 17 students who lost their lives in the parkland shooting...

  • 5 Empowering TV Shows

    5 Empowering TV Shows

    Carol Saad, staff writer

    March 13, 2018

    If you are looking for something new to binge watch, here is a list of powerful television shows that were made to empower and shift our perspective on issues going on today. Supernatural: Two brothers travel across the country to fight demons, ghosts, and monsters. This 13 se...

  • Helping Hand or Losing Yourself?

    Helping Hand or Losing Yourself?

    Pricilla Jansen, Staff writer

    March 12, 2018

    Have you ever wanted to help someone so bad but end up losing yourself in the process?  I have and I’ve watched others do it. I thought it was nothing. I was raised where you help others before yourself. I have always lived by this and recently I was put in a situation trying...

  • Men and Body Image

    Men and Body Image

    Jannet Martinez, staff writer

    March 12, 2018

    It's no secret that women are growing up in a society where we are taught to watch our image and compare ourselves to who we see modeling the latest trends. But it's not just women. Men are often overlooked because this is seen as a "feminine" problem. This is another issue...

  • The “Inspiring Women” Dolls

    The “Inspiring Women” Dolls

    Jannet Martinez, staff writer

    March 7, 2018

    The American Toy Company, Mattel, is known for their creations such as the Hot Wheel and Fisher-Price brands and of course the Barbie Dolls. This last one has faced controversies for just about every reason such as safety concerns after discovering that one past product was...

  • The Truth About Measure V

    The Truth About Measure V

    Selena Perez, Editor-In-Chief

    March 1, 2018

    On November 8th 2016, proposition 51 was passed with a 66.74% majority. Elsinore High School has since benefited from the $105 million bond. Unfortunately, however, many students, parents, and teachers have expressed negative feelings toward EHS's management of the Measure V Bon...

  • School Walk Out?

    School Walk Out?

    Pricilla Jansen, Staff Writer

    February 26, 2018

    Recently on the news they are talking about the shooting in Florida and what schools should do. It is being talked about all across the nation, what is going to happen and when. March 14th is the day to increase awareness. Staying on campus, everyone can walk out of class at...

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New Safety Plan

Raelene Santibanez, staff writer | March 15, 2018

Due to the past school shootings going on, our school has taken it upon themselves to come up with an idea that might be able to keep our school safe. The administrators have come up with a system that...

Profile: Alicia Thomas

Lily Blanco, Alicia Thomas | March 12, 2018

Alicia Thomas is a senior who is eager to leave high school and become a vet assistant. She was born deaf in her left ear and can only hear about 70% in her right ear. This led her to be placed in a spe...

Prom Dresses Online

Ashlee Farmer, Editor | March 12, 2018

Everyone knows that Prom is coming up (April 14th !) but not everybody has the means to get their dresses in store. Here is some reasonable websites to help anyone without the means to get to the store a...

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Jannet Martinez
Jannet Martinez

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Jannet Martinez is a senior hoping to move on to Cal State L.A., where she will become an Anthropology major. She enjoys traveling, music and anything creative but she has poor concentration, mean...

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