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Sport Rivalry

Matthew Labbitt, staff writer | April 24, 2019

In the majority of the sports there are people on the same team that hate each other for one reason or another. Whether it be girl verses girl, boy verses boy, girl verses boy, or boy verses girl, there...

Don’t Have Regrets

Todd Aries Acebedo, staff writer | April 3, 2019

With the year ending for seniors in a couple of months, it is imperative to leave school without any regrets. This would mean for seniors to understand that their life may completely change and it is important...

Plays At EHS!

IVANNA GONZALEZ, staff writer | March 22, 2019

I think you should should go see the plays here at EHS because you could see how interesting and how hard these students have been working on their lines. I know for you the tickets are expensive but even...

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Staff Profile
Hailey Schroeder

staff writer

My name is Hailey Schroeder, and I am sixteen years old. I was born on May 7th of 2002. My ethnicity is half Mexican and half Polish. I have a skin condition called Vitiligo. I enjoy playing sports, but...

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