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What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?
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Bad Weather on Valentines Day
One Reason To Hate the Rain
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The Infamous Day

Todd Aries Acebedo, staff writer | February 22, 2019

On February 19, the acclaimed “Senior Ditch Day” finally commenced! Though it is not a holiday, it is considered an infamous day for the dreaded teachers. Teachers would often express their anger by...


February 8, 2019

Advisory is fun but at the same time is not fun. This week we said our names and something that we like but it had to start with our first letter of our name. When we were doing it I said Maria and then...

Real Friends vs. Fake Friends

Peyton miller, staff writer | January 25, 2019

There are friends who have your back and some that pretend like they do. There's obviously some differences between a fake friend and a real friend. For example, a real friend is happy for your success,...

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Zubair Mahboobi

staff writer

My life is pretty boring. My name is Zubair and I like to play games that’s all. ...

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