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These Restrooms Suck

Todd Aries Acebedo, staff writer | March 7, 2019

The school restrooms suck. It is extremely disgusting to step inside, and the stench that follows makes stomachs turn over instantly. Personally, I only have the perception of how bad the condition of...


March 1, 2019

We should have more events in our school or we should have a food court in the quad so we can buy things and have money for the school to buy all the things Elsinore High needs. I think that having...

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Todd Aries Acebedo, staff writer | March 1, 2019

I am writing this article on Microsoft 365, in where it is later posted on the Elsinore High School News Webpage Tiger Times. The journalism class here at Elsinore was only founded recently, but however,...

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Jeffery R. Derby

staff writer

Hi! I'm Jeff, I'm a reader, an entrepreneur of literature in many different forms, and an artist of different looks and talents. I'll be publishing short stories, poems, and, perhaps, a chapter or two o...

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