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Being Physically Attractive is More Rewarding? — Think Again
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Maria Franco, staff writer | December 13, 2018

Every bathroom should be checked before second period and fourth to make sure everything is looking good. It should be looking good by not having any toilet paper on the floor, wet floors, and they should...

Drama at School

Cassandra Gadd-Claxton, staff writer | December 13, 2018

If you are surrounded by the wrong people you are going to get involved in a lot you don't want too. Think about who you chose as your friends. A lot of kids nowadays have depression and horrible social...

School Grounds: How They Are Abused

Elohim Senoran, staff writer | December 7, 2018

The school grounds are a place of privilege. Open to those who are willing to take a step further and pursue something more than learning or knowledge. But first, before pursuing something greater, the...

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Kailey Martin

staff writer

Kailey Martin is a junior at Elsinore High School. In her free time, Kailey is either working out at the gym or watching a movie. Kailey has been living in Wildomar her whole life, but has deep roots c...

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