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Why Jurassic Park Shouldn’t Be Real

A rant.


Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth. They’ve only left fossils in their wake and maybe a few footprints, but very little of their time alive.

Jurassic Park is a movie series that brings back dinosaurs and has them act normally. Wild. Rabid. Hungry. They are not portrayed correctly in the earlier films, but we hadn’t done much research at that point and a dinosaur continues to be updated as not everything has been set in stone. *wink wink*

Theoretically, if we were to bring back dinosaurs, humans would be wiped out. So would every other animal. “Oh but, we have guns!” Yes so did the people who worked at the parks, your point?

Reptiles have thick skin, and dinosaurs are basically giant carnivorous lizards! Some can swim, others have thumbs. While not likely, few think raptors could have been able to mimic humans, like birds do. We may be on top of the food chain, but bringing dinosaurs into the equation, half of the population would be wiped out within the first week.

Think of a raptor, twice or three times the size of a chicken, pretty small, right? Doesn’t look dangerous, might make a cute pet! Yet, without even trying, it could snap a bone, crush it beyond repair type of snap. Most non-trained humans would die, because raptors traveled in herds, so if there’s one there’s ten.

The smallest of dinosaurs could kill you, sneak into to your house if it wanted, too! The largest, you wouldn’t be worth the time, they’d either step on you, or decapitate you with a swing of their tail. We’d all die. To put it bluntly.

Bombs, missles, and nukes might take them out, sure, but at the cost of everything else as well.

We wouldn’t be safe from herbivores, either; the brachiousaurs is nearly 4 times as big as the elephant, with heavily padded, three feet wide legs. Should it step on us, we’d be a meat pancake in under 2 seconds.

They’re wild animals after all, so I wouldn’t blame them for my untimely death. Jurassic Park, as awesome as it sounds, is one of the dumbest thing we as a species could ever make come true.


But I wouldn’t mind petting a dilophosaurus given the chance. /\__/\

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