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I personally don’t like the well-known holiday, Easter, for personal reasons and other justifiable reasons. To start, Easter is just a holiday that encourages you to conform and buy candy/gifts for kids. Sure, Christmas is similar but at least it promotes good behavior in kids that believe in Santa Claus.

Easter on average costs billions of dollars per year with food being the most expensive at 5.7 billion dollars. Easter is a Christian holiday that everyone else pretty much feeds off of. It is to, for some reason, celebrate the death and rebirth of Christ. I understand celebrating the rebirth, but the death is iffy. And even then, the majority of us don’t even celebrate for that reason. Instead we worship a make-believe bunny that poops out candy and leaves eggs in your house.

The holiday is ridiculous and should no longer be a national holiday, but that is nearly impossible unless it were outlawed or some sort of apocalypse happened.

In conclusion, Easter isn’t an important holiday and it is in celebration of a dumb bunny to most families. I respect the families that actually celebrate the holiday for what it is meant to be celebrated for.