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One of the most representative things of high school in the United States is precisely the Prom.

From very young, some people begin to wonder what their Prom party will be like and how they will look wearing their dream dress after watching movies where high schoolers attended their Prom and had the best night together with their ideal boyfriend or girlfriend.

However, in the eyes of many international students, the Prom as a party is not an especially important experience since (as I said before) it is considered an American event.

Prom does not exist as such in many countries of the world. In my country, most schools call “Prom” the graduation event… Then… yes, Prom would be the same as the graduation.

This doesn’t mean that students don’t celebrate anything at all for their graduation, in fact, many schools plan a 1 or 2 week trip to a national or international destination for the Seniors.

Just fantastic.

On the other hand, and although I have never looked forward to a “real” Prom party since I was a child, the truth is that for at least a month since that date began to approach, my emotion increased every day, and now that I finally lived that day, I must say that it has been a nice experience.

Spending time with your friends or sweetheart while you dance to your favorite songs with them, meeting new people while you exchange your best dance steps, laughing with no control about any dumb thing you do, or even crossing glances with that person who has the stupid mania to be all that you like… Any circumstance is certainly rewarding and special once you stop to remember the best moments.

Even if you forget the meaning of “chair” or “tired” for 3 hours straight and the next day you can’t walk correctly.

It doesn’t mater what kind of Prom you celebrate, when you are with the right ones… everything is worth it.