Olivia Rodrigo New Album GUTS Coming Out This Week!

Releases September 8th!
Olivia Rodrigo New Album GUTS Coming Out This Week!

SPILL YOUR GUTS OUT! The 20 year old Olivia Rodrigo is releasing her sophomore album GUTS. Olivia was first known as the girl from Bizaardvark and now is known as the Grammy award winning superstar. Olivia says she wants her new album GUTS to be much happier than her first album SOUR which was released in May 2021. Her album will be released this week on the 8th of September. The few songs that I’m most excited to hear are: All-American B*tch, Get Him Back!, Love is Embarrassing, the Grudge, and Pretty Isn’t Pretty.

The list of the songs on the album↴

  1. all-american b*tch
  2. bad idea right?
  3. vampire
  4. lacy
  5. ballad of a homeschooled girl
  6. making the bed
  7. logical
  8. get him back!
  9. love is embarrassing
  10. the grudge
  11. pretty isn’t pretty
  12. teenage dream

Olivia became popular when she released SOUR two years ago. It’s crazy how time goes by so fast. She entered the spotlight in 2021 with winning the biggest awards that any artist can get. She won many awards throughout her hit singles like “drivers license”, “good 4 u”, and “deja vu”. Her album SOUR hit billions of streams on Spotify, breaking records and being close to beating her idol Taylor Swift. Now since her new album is coming soon, I have a feeling it’s going to happen again, that she’ll break records, win many awards, and become this year’s spotlight artist again. She already broke Apple Music and Spotify streams with her new single “vampire” that was released in June. She released her second single “bad idea right?” three weeks ago to celebrate her upcoming album releasing this week. Pre-save GUTS on streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes Store, and Amazon Music) and pre-orders (Target, Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic, Record Store, Urban Outfitters, and Walmart).

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