Beta Fish <3 🐟

King-Evelyn’s fish and Marmol-Abelino’s fish
Beta Fish

Beta fish are great beginner pets, and are low maintenance. Male Betas do not work well with ANY other fish especially not fish with bright colors for they Will FIGHT TO THE DEATH! On another note, Beta fish will recognize their owner and will get excited at the familiar face. Though your Beta fish won’t get lonely, it will get bored, so to avoid this don’t put them in a small tank. They enjoy having plants and little toys in the tank, but don’t put too many accessories in the tank because they need room to swim, and must be able to reach the surface for air. The plants comfort Betas and the often times they will sleep on them.

– Evelyn Willis

Beta fish are playful and energetic fishes that are both beautiful in color and fun to raise. My fish is entirely blue with trails of faint white, light blue, and purple. It’s a halfmoon male and they typically live up to three years. Currently, mine is one year old. His name is Marmol; Spanish for marble. When I feed it, mine is always excited and happy to eat which he does so in an instant. He’s also a strong swimmer and can swim to the other side of the tank quickly when he’s searching for me. As for the decorations in his tank, I placed a purple lotus flower to comfort him and have him sleep on. Sometimes, I’ll catch him laying down on it and it’s very adorable. When he sees me come over, he immediately gets up and swims to me. I recommend getting a Beta fish to anyone who is interested in raising a fish. These fishes don’t need partners and are not prone to loneliness if you only plan to have one fish. In fact, they enjoy being alone and seclusion. But, if they don’t have much in their tank or their tank is too small, they may get bored.

– Abelino Lopez

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