Sabrina Carpenter New EP “Fruitcake”

Released November 17th
Sabrina Carpenter New EP Fruitcake

Sabrina Carpenter released her first Christmas EP “Fruitcake” on Nov. 17. It shows the love and the romance during the holiday season in a multiple of moods. The first track ‘A Nonsense Christmas’ is a remix of her original song ‘Nonsense’ on her ‘Emails I Can’t Send’ album. The second track is ‘Buy Me Presents,’ and it is a similarly bright and a fun-loving love song. The third track ‘Santa Doesn’t Know You Like I Do’ shifts to a calmer, chill and soul-searching song. The fourth song ‘Cindy Lou Who’ transitions into how her ex has moved on to someone new. The gentle piano playing and the soft synths side by side by Sabrina’s airy vocals make the song about quiet acceptance and desolation feel like it’s ready to go away. Back to the beats the fifth track is ‘Is it New Years Yet?’ as she lyrically and sonically overcomes all. The last track on ‘Fruitcake’ is ‘White Xmas,’ and Sabrina sings lyrics from a Christmas song ‘Jingle Bells’ to close the album. My favorite song from ‘fruitcake’ is ‘Santa Doesn’t Know You Like I Do’ and ‘Cindy Lou Who.’ They get into the depth of the feel of falling in love and losing someone too.

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