Ariana Grande Reaching The Top Billboard 100

‘eternal sunshine’ Reaching Top Billboard 100
Ariana Grande Reaching The Top Billboard 100

Ariana Grande is having a massive week due to her album ‘eternal sunshine’ hitting the Billboard charts. Along with making her way up to the No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, the No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 and regaining the spot of the No. 1 act on the Billboard Artist 100, Grande also rules the Hot 100 Songwriters and Hot 100 Producers charts for the very first time. Ariana Grande becomes the fourth artist to top all five of those surveys all together. Due to her success on her album hitting the biggest charts in music history, her Nana who is also featured on the album is making history on being the first oldest artist on the Billboard Hot 100. Take a look at the top few songs Ariana has on the Top Billboard 100 so far ↴

Rank, Title
No. 1, “We Can’t Be Friends (Wait for Your Love)”
No. 10, “Yes, And?” (up from No. 31; debuted at No. 1 on Jan. 27)
No. 16, “The Boy Is Mine”
No. 17, “Supernatural”
No. 23, “Eternal Sunshine”
No. 25, “Bye”
No. 28, “Don’t Wanna Break Up Again”
No. 30, “True Story”
No. 37, “Imperfect for You”
No. 38, “Intro (End of the World)”
No. 39, “I Wish I Hated You”
No. 55, “Ordinary Things,” feat. Nonna

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