5 Tips To Boost Your Creativity

5 Tips To Boost Your Creativity
  1. Stop trying. Most often when we look up how to be creative it most certainly means that we are trying to force ourselves to be creative in the present moment. This can be both good and bad. It’s important to not force yourself to feel a certain way but naturally do so and with time the more often you will stap into that creative flow.
  2. Notice your interests and dislikes. To inspire yourself, it’s useful to understand and be aware of the things you do or don’t like. Experience them and compare which one made you feel the most creative. For example, let’s say you are a painter and you like alternative music and horror movies. You listen to some music for a while but so far everything is as it still is and then you watch a horror movie. Suddenly, after that horror movie, an image comes to your mind with a strong feeling to paint now. While listening to your favorite genre got you in the mood, that horror movie was the icing on the cake that gave you the will to act. Simply experience your interests and analyze which ones seem to inspire you the most. And when you are feeling uncreative, then simply perform one of them and see what happens.
  3. Journaling. When you write about your personal feelings or about your day and any sort of progress in your skills or motivations and go back to read them, they can serve to inspire you to make you feel creative. Journaling can remind you of what you value and find significance in.
  4. Discover your sense of purpose. When you have something to look forward to in your life, you are more likely to be happy and go throughout the day in a neutral or good mood. Being in the right mood unblocks your creative flow because you are engaging with good energies. This in return will boost your creativity.
  5. Practice. Don’t PROCRASTINATE. Another good way to boost your creativity is to practice the skill that you are into everyday. When you practice or engage in it everyday, even if it’s just for an hour or two- maybe less (at least 30 minutes) you are most likely to feel motivated to do what you like and feel creative everyday or more often. It will also increase your familiarity with it and help dissolve any fears to start. Being in touch with your creativity allows it to come to you more easily and effortlessly. This will benefit you most greatly and also help avoid procrastination.

Remember to not overwork yourself and keep in mind to take breaks. Burning yourself out will only ruin your mood and creative flow and in worst cases mindset. Take the things you like and your creativity gently and take care of them and don’t ruin them for yourself or let others ruin them for you. Your interests are yours and in no one’s position to change.

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